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Saturday, May 12, 2012
Single Professional
Wasn't able to update for centuries, eh?

Being a working young adult, you need to start thinking of INDEPENDENCE and PRIORITIES. In the near future, you'll have your own family, own expenses and so on. You cannot deny the fact that it is embarrassing to ask moolah from your mother or sisters. As a grown up, you have to start saving and spending for YOURSELF.

I envy those people who have a lot of savings that they can treat their friends and family. I want to be someone who can walk with confidence that I will have the same life I have now in the future. I want to be sure that my future children will enjoy the same privileges that I enjoyed and still enjoying now.

Because of my adult thinking and realization, I have decided to START saving. Aside from being a full time English teacher in the morning and afternoon in a private high school, I also teach English to Japanese nationals online, in the comfort of my home.

I am enjoying working hard. I enjoy doing my responsibilities because I know that will give me better life in the future. I know that as I work, I build my future.

My 1st Wage from RareJob

My 1st 27 hours.

For now, I will forget the bags and the yummy merienda after work.

In my Faith Goals this year, I included saving a particular amount for the year and I know God will give it to me if I'll help myself.

Do you save?
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