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Saturday, November 16, 2013
Workaholic from Office and Home
I saw an online post about separating life from home and work at home.

Recently, I have to admit that I've been working a lot. When I say a lot, that means really really really a lot. I work eight hours in the school from early morning to late afternoon, and another three hours late at night.

Why do I do this? First, I'm really not satisfied with my income. My IMPORTANT expenses and long term investment are just equal my monthly income, and I think that is a bit dangerous. I figured out that I have to work and exert a little more effort to have extra funds for leisure and emergency.

Second, I love what I do. Teaching has been a passion for me. I like to talk a lot. When I don't talk, I feel terribly bored. So here is where "workaholism" comes in. It is a privilege to have a good paying part time job  related to my real love field in the comfort of my home. I couldn't leave the opportunity that it offers as it is like once in a lifetime.

What makes my situation extra harder now is I have to go to graduate school on Saturdays which makes Sunday morning and afternoon my only rest time, as I also have work  in the evening of Sunday.

my work at home and study at home office

Thinking of a possible bright future makes it so rewarding though. I'm thinking of a comfortable life for my future kid and for myself as well. However, I don't want to put all my time in work. I want to make it manageable enough that I still can enjoy my present life with my family and friends.

What makes it more rewarding is I do what I love in  very good atmospheres (the school where I work at now and our home).

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Thursday, October 31, 2013
The Tricky Art of Writing
It's a long holiday this week in the Philippines, but for teachers like me, I can't totally spend the holiday not doing anything. I have tons of paper works to do like checking papers and doing lesson plans. The tricky part is that I am an English teacher, which means my checking tasks are not as easy as checking multiple choice type of tests. I have to check which means edit and correct essays.

English is a tricky language because there are some rules that are not present in our mother tongue. Aside from that students must be very creative and logical when they write. So, I'm talking about two problems here: grammar and content. 

Some students reach college without any proficiency in writing (and even speaking English). For college students, term papers and even research are BIG problems.  

The good news is there are some websites that can help you in your dilemma. There are websites which offer custom writing papers to help college students. Imagine how helpful that would be for some who are really having trouble in writing. Sites like this provide students with non-plagiarized content.  Thus, you're well assured that when your teacher "googles" your paper, she can't accuse you of copying and pasting contents. You are even sure to ace your essays and term papers, written by perhaps the best writers! Who could beat that? 

However, it doesn't mean that students must just rely on sites like those 100%. They are indeed helpful, but it is also important that students have the basic skills of writing and know the procedure of drafting, writing, revising and rewriting. 

Happy Writing!
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